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How can dentists increase revenue?

A very wise marketing man of 30 years explained to us how dentists can make more money by improving their online reach and image. Yes that's a bold and naked claim, but one which makes perfect sense. He explained a route and some formulas which are tried and tested and get results.

The way to appeal to new customers is to win online. With that in mind, MDS Medical are creating a toolkit specifically designed to improve the marketing of your dental practice on social media and the web.

It's called ESP. It's here in summer 2019 and is exclusively available to MDS Medical product or service customers. Practical, simple, effective marketing tips from the experts.

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MD David Thomas said: "Everyone wants to understand how to improve their online presence - we realise that by helping our customers prosper, we create lifetime customers. Everyone wins. The marketing materials we'll be offering are certain to improve things for any dental practice."

The golden rules of social media revealed

How to make social media work for dentists is the cornerstone of ESP. Through a simple 6 step plan you'll learn how to make your social media work much harder and improve your image and reputation.

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