Autoclaves for chiropody & podiatry

MDS Medical Ltd supplies a wide range of autoclaves and steam sterilisation solutions and equipment specifically designed and engineered for the podiatry and chiropody sectors.

For one month only, you can get the MDS 22 Litre autoclave complete with a FREE MDS Data Management System or £200 off the machine price. 

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Introducing MDS Medical

Brand new video from Director Will Thomas, shot in our Headquarters in Corby.

Will gives an overview of what we do here at MDS, our company values & how important our customer service is to us.

Product package offers

MDS Medical Ltd are pleased to announce the launch of our cost effective autoclave payment plans tailored to suit your needs

MDS 12 Litre Autoclave
MDS Medical Ultrasonic cleaner
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Autoclave Servicing

We provide a range of autoclave steam sterilisation service options to keep you and your practice up and running in compliance with all current legislation. Find all our services here.


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For enquiries, further information on our servicing and product options or even just for autoclave steam sterilisation advice, find all our contact information here.


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We only use the best possible quality components

Business downtime is both costly and irritating to you and your clientele. We're not sales people, we're engineers and that is an important difference. Our expertise and engineering know-how means that our autoclaves will withstand the rigours of daily use with ease,

Autoclave Validation
Service support you can rely on in a time of need

The integrity and build quality of our autoclaves means that if looked after, they will provide many years of faithful duty. Our service teams are hand-picked and trained to perfection. We promise that when you need us the most, we'll react and get there fast.

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Friendly, approachable expert advice as standard

We want lifetime customers - not quick sales. That means we won't sell you the most expensive machine in the range, we'll sell you the most appropriate machine for your needs. At MDS Medical we understand that if we look after you, you'll stick with us.

About MDS

MDS Medical supplies a wide range of autoclaves and decontamination solutions and equipment. We operate in the dental, veterinary, podiatry, cosmetic, tattoo and body piercing markets within the UK, Europe and other selected countries around the world. Designed and engineered in Britain with the highest quality components, we provide the most efficient and effective way to comply with local and international guidelines and regulations for instrument sterilisation. Our products fully comply with all current legislation.



Practitioners currently face increased legislation, continued monitoring and control, evidence based Health & Safety, decreasing budgets, and tighter margins. MDS Medical are able to offer cost efficient supply and service solutions to take care of your sterilisation needs.

The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulations Agency (MHRA) states that sterilisers should be maintained and validated periodically to ensure that they produce consistent sterilising conditions, according to DB2002(06). In line with this, we provide servicing with calibration and certified evidence for Environmental Health and patient safety, as well as written scheme of examinations for safety devices.

It is imperative that vital equipment is regularly serviced and maintained. If a breakdown occurs, the consequences to your business can be serious, particularly if you have no maintenance cover and cannot reach an engineer.

If you would like further information please do not hesitate to contact us.


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Autoclave sales / servicing enquiries

For enquiries, further information on our services and products or even just for sterilisation advise please do not hesitate to contact us via email at or via telephone on 01536 401607. Alternatively, you can use our online enquiry form below and one of our dedicated team will contact you as soon as possible to help you with your enquiry.

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