Anaesthetic machine 



MDS can provide the complete anaesthetic
system which includes an on-board 5 litre oxygen concentrator,
a high accuracy flowmeter, emergency O2 flush, compatibility
block and Tec 3 vaporiser.
We can also provide the above excluding the vaporiser and / or
oxygen concentrator.
The anaesthetic unit works in conjuction with a small oxygen
cylinder (not supplied by MDS) housed on the
rear of the frame. In case of power failure, a
manual valve is supplied to switch over
to the back up oxygen cylinder.

  • • Powder coated frame - Mounted on 75mm Castors
    • Easy cylinder change
    • High accuracy rotameter 10 1/min - O2
    • Emergency O2 flush
    • Compatibility block accommodates the vaporiser

From £1,400 + VAT