MDS Veterinary Dental Cart

MDS Veterinary Dental Cart  

MDS have applied years of experience to introduce the ideal dental cart for veterinary use.

Our best-selling dental cart has an ultra-quiet compressor and a low speed motor. The motor is as quiet as possible, helping Vets to concentrate on the animal and not the noise of the compressor. The high speed drill* and low speed polisher* ensures the procedure is completed as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The ultrasonic Piezo scaler with LED ensures this dental cart offers a high specification air powered dental system, which is cost effective.

*The High Speed Drill & Low Speed Polisher are not included in this price. These are optional extras.

  • Built in silent running compressor

  • Stainless steel tray

  • Multifunction foot pedal

  • Contained bottled water system

£3,100 + VAT