About Us

MDS Medical supplies a wide range of autoclaves and decontamination solutions and equipment. We operate in the dental, veterinary, podiatry, cosmetic, tattoo and body piercing markets within the UK, Europe and other selected countries around the world. With British design, we provide the most efficient and effective way to comply with local and international guidelines and regulations for instrument sterilisation. Our products fully comply with all current legislation.


With practitioners currently facing increased legislation, continued monitoring and control, evidence based Health & Safety, decreasing budgets, and tighter margins all round, MDS Medical are able to offer cost efficient solutions to take care of your sterilisation needs.

The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulations Agency (MHRA) states that sterilisers should be maintained and validated periodically to ensure that they produce consistent sterilising conditions, according to DB2002(06). In line with this, we provide servicing with calibration and certified evidence for Environmental Health and patient safety, as well as written scheme of examinations for safety devices.

It is imperative that vital equipment is regularly serviced and maintained. If a breakdown occurs, the consequences to your business can be serious, particularly if you have no maintenance cover and cannot reach an engineer.

If you would like further information please do not hesitate to contact us.


Here is what some of our customers had to say about us:

'Thanks again for the fabulous service as ever. Will is so thorough. Excellent engineer! Still my favourite purchase in 10 years as a Foot Health Practitioner!'

Steph Jones-Giles - Foot Health Practitioner

'Thank you Elliott for servicing the Manningtree Podiatry autoclave this morning. Expert job! Clean, tidy and efficient. Good price too. An excellent annual service for my autoclave today, thank you Elliott and MDS Medical.'

Sue Bamber - Manningtree Podiatry